Redemption Plus
Service Packages

Our process is a simple one.

We begin with Building the foundation for success and understanding your business and guests’ needs. Next we Launch your new Merchandising Plan and installation process to create a profitable guest experience. Finally, we Partner with you weekly, quarterly and bi-annually to keep your program fresh, up-to-date and performing at its best. Our service packages allow you to reap the benefits of expertise and customer support no matter where your business is in this process. We've created three service package options for you to choose from to get the support you need, when you need it.

All so you can grow more by wasting less.


Our Basic package provides the foundation for your redemption buying experience. Our support services and monthly tips and tricks provided by experts in merchandising, design, and inventory control empower you and your staff to get what you want, when you want it. Our basic package includes:
- Initial order recommendations
- Ongoing customer support 
- Rapid Reorder setup support
- Monthly subscription to redemption tips and insights

Interested? Contact your Account Rep or chat us to find out more.


The Advanced Service Package was created to help you set up and manage your redemption store with the guidance and support of merchandising professionals. Want to make sure you staff gets trained quickly and to industry best practices? We have you covered.

- Access to a custom R+ web portal
- Custom merchandising plan
- Virtual installation planning & assistance
- Merchandising toolbox
- Exclusive redemption online training courses
- 30-day post-merchandising installation review
- Rapid Reorder setup
- Pre-loaded tablet optional for on-the-floor training

Interested? Contact your Account Rep or chat us to find out more.


Want to be a Pro at redemption management? This package is right up your alley, then! Our Pro Service Package includes additional insights that help you maximize your redemption area to the best of your ability. The Pro Package includes everything in the Advanced Package plus:

- Custom redemption & game room design
- Custom merchandising planVirtual installation planning & assistance
- 30-day post installation review
- Rapid Reorder setup
- Exclusive monthly product pre-sales
- Ongoing, exclusive training materials
- Two custom planogram refreshes per year of subscription
- Advanced quarterly product reports

Interested? Contact your Account Rep or chat us to find out more.