Redemption Plus
Service Package

Our process is a proven one.

Empowering your employees to manage your redemption area with confidence can be a challenge. The redemption counter is often the last stop your customers make before leaving your facility. That's why we do everything we can to help your staff make that experience one worth returning for. Our service packages allow you to reap the benefits of expertise and customer support no matter where your business is in its maturity. Having a process that's proven and experts on your side simplify your redemption operations so you can focus on your customer experience.

Sneak Peek

The Redemption Plus Service Package includes insights that help you streamline operations and maximize the return on investment made to your redemption program. We know redemption isn't your top priority, which is why we make it ours. Fast, reliable service that empowers you to make the buying decisions you need and the know-how to maximize your investments.
Bonus: Our Service Package is included when you utilize our design services. Our design services are more than just 3-D planograms: they are deatiled, creative and completely reflective of the brand and experience you are aiming for.
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Our Service Package Includes:
+ Custom Web Portal
+ Exclusive Pre-Access to New Products
+ Custom Merchandising Plan Upon Set Up
+ 30/60/90-Day Merchandising Installation Review to Keep Your Merchandise Looking Great
+ Rapid Reorder™ Setup and Weekly Order Automation
+ Redemption Training: Online Training With Over 40 Subjects Covered and More Added Quarterly
+ Priority Status for Two Custom Planogram Refreshes Per Year of Subscription
...Plus More to Come!!
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